Looking to book an event or rent our private space at the Westminster Brew Yard?
Please fill out the following form below completely.

Here are some common questions that might help you!
Our private space holds 20-25 people comfortably.  The cost for the space is $125 and must be paid in advance to reserve.
If cancelled within 24 hours of the event, you will receive a full refund.

If you don’t require a private area then you can just come and have fun.  We do not reserve tables but, the remainder of the Brew Yard is available
on a first come first serve basis, we have many tables available that can be moved if need be.

Can I bring cake/dessert?
YES – that is the only type of item allowed to be brought into the Brew Yard.  We suggest bringing your own cutting utensils, plastic/paper items,
small plates, etc. as we do not have those items here.      

Can I bring in food/snacks?
NO. We do not allow any outside food or beverage is allowed with the exception of dessert items for Birthday Celebrations.      

Can I decorate?
YES.  You may bring in balloons/décor for celebrations. We prefer command strips if you intend on hanging anything inside the Brew Yard.      

Can I run a tab?
YES.  Both our food truck and bar run off of the same system.  If you wish to run a tab, simply start one with a credit card and tell the people in your
party to use whatever name you choose on the tab so our staff can locate it quickly and correctly.

Can I pre-order food?
NO.  The only way to “pre-order” would be to come here and order through the food truck the standard menu items you would like for your table
The food truck menu can be found by clicking HERE.

Can I have my event catered?
YES.  However, catering is not available on Fridays or Saturdays after 4pm.  Please email us to obtain the current catering menu if interested.

Is the room completely private?
It can be!  There are doors that slide closed if you wish to have it blocked off.  You may also leave them open for a more social setting.

Are children allowed?
YES.  We are always family friendly.
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