In January of 2015, Wachusett started the reconstruction of their brewhouse.  Over the course of the past 20 years, WBC brewed 10,211 batches of beer on the original equipment.  That 3 vessel brewhouse was designed by founders Ned LaFortune, Kevin Buckler, and Peter Quinn.  The system was replaced with a state-of-the-art 5 vessel, 50 barrel brewhouse. This new addition was designed by J.L. Process Design of St.Louis Missouri.  The vessel fabrication was by McCann Fabrication in Maine.  Brad Dufour, our very own Director of Operations designed and personally installed all of the controls that fully automate the brewhouse.

This new software will allow the company to quadruple production, the whole thing operates digitally.  The old brewhouse, built in 1994, was very manual intensive and only produced 480,000 cases per year.  This new system will allow Wachusett Brewing Company to grow to over 2 million cases per year.

The quality of the people at Wachusett and the quality of the beer are the most important factors leading to 22 years of success.  Over 85% of Wachusett is sold in Massachusetts with  99% sold in New England.  We believe this is a validation of our quality and commitment to being a great local brewer.  In addition to the strong local sales, Wachusett has one of the finest QA/QC labs in the craft beer industry.  Wachusett's quality manager has every instrument and technology available to a craft brewer to ensure all points of quality are measured and monitored.


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