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Wachusett Brewing Company was founded by three Massachusetts college students obsessed with the brewing culture and an appreciation for craft beer during their adventures of biking, canoeing, and hiking around New England. Armed with a “we can do this” attitude, the three cast off from their careers in engineering and biology to pursue their passion to make great beer.


They started with home brewing on the LaFortune family farm in Westminster in the shadow of Wachusett Mountain. After draining the farm’s well of water on multiple occasions, they were promptly asked to leave and forced to find a new home.


With a custom built three-vessel brewhouse, they found their new home just down the road. It was the perfect backdrop to embody the heart and soul of the three founders.  It remains our location to this day.


For the first years, the founders worked around the clock, did their own bottling during the evening with the help of community volunteers, and delivered fresh beer in an old truck.


Today, Wachusett Brewing Company remains a local sanctuary of handcrafted and award-winning ales and lagers. Its roots remain deep in outdoor adventures with a focus on community and quality.


Come visit our family and friends at one of our Brew Yards and sample the wide variety of craft beers, hard ciders, hard seltzers, and handcrafted cocktails.


We hope to see you soon!

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